Vision for Religion


Pathways to presence that prepare us for the full experience of being one with all else

Visualize a world where humanity has a sense of the sacredness of the whole of creation, the sacredness of each person and part. Of a spiritual dimension in life, whether seen in terms of God or whether interpreted as a life-giving energy flow or Presence that fills the whole of life and creation.

Faith is sensing or knowing that there is something more than this physical body.  And that this “more” is the essence of life, of goodness, of love and that I am a part of this…knowing that the experience of Presence or God is within me, within us all, and that through this we are all ultimately One.

Presence can be seen as “the origin of all” the source of our physical creation. Presence includes you and me, for you and I are an expression of Presence. As Presence, we are expressing ourselves through this human form.  We are evolving in this form to a full awakening; to become complete.

This experience cannot be exclusive to any one race, creed or place of worship; but found through a personal search within each one of us, whoever we may be. An inner search that leads to discovering the Source, a place of infinitely abundant love and peace.

We witness the virtues of our connection with this source by what this spiritual relationship invokes – actions of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity.

Discovering our pathway to the love within us, we identify love in others which prepares us for the miraculous – the faith to willingly conquer one thing – fear. Our faith in God is faith in love; with this comes faith in each other and ultimately faith in a higher consciousness that loves and protects us all.

We understand that without love no human conflict or dissatisfaction can be permanently resolved. Love cultivates freedom and through virtue provides a natural order. Beyond our personal beliefs we transcend differences, live by inclusiveness and are able to enter into the experience of others.

This empathy binds us securely as one family; we use our religious organisations to breakdown barriers and co-create peace. We become peace, teach peace and offer peace.

We know that love is our essence, love is essential and to exercise this Universal Truth that is within us.


Pathways to presence helping establish –  A Successful Planet


                               Co-create this Vision with us. Let us know what a Vision for Religion means to you.


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