Vision for Humanity

A Vision for Humanity world is a home on Earth where the collective magnificence within humankind is liberated, to achieve and to shine.

It is a world awakened from the wisdom of an awareness revolution.

A world that understands and preserves the treasure of the human spirit and chooses to engage in its higher components of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity as tools to create and sustain all that is.

The effect of this, is a world where we honour ourselves, each other and all life. Elevating the collective consciousness of humanity, we have paved the way for our world to be harmoniously re- created beyond our greatest hopes and imagination.

With this Elevated Global Consciousness  our concept of relationship has become ubiquitous and enrobes a relevance to self, each other, the environment and all that we create, ensuring that all of life’s needs are met while forming our successful planet, Earth, our home.

In this world everyone innately understands that it is these precious relationships which enable our continuous advancement and state of peace, prosperity and joy. A way universally understood and represented here as:

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This is a world where we not only have the power to create a genuinely better life for ourselves, which inexorably results in every other person (and the planet) being better off than what they originally were……

but a wonderful world of global family where we encounter others also choosing to engage in this positive energy to create fields of reciprocal consciousness that produce Infinite Global Increase  allowing for far more advanced lives to be realised for us all.

In this world we have liberated humanity’s collective potential harnessed within the power of consciously creating together. This Increase is ultimately evident through the alignment of all of our newly co-created social constructs: Self, Education, Business, Economy, Politics, Law, Religion, Media, Health, Family and Community. All of which work in unison to enhance our abundance of ecological, physical, social, financial and spiritual well-being.

This is a world where the responsibility for perpetuating our new found prosperity is universally owned and acknowledged, regardless of what national, political, religious or social identity we assume.

It is a place where all are bound with higher purpose and empowered with an authentic sense of wholeness that lives within each one of us.

It is a place where for the first time humanity shares a unified world view of family, where all are entrusted with sustaining our planet’s equilibrium and where security naturally prevails.

In this future humanity’s magnificence shines.

It is an infinite world.

And it begins with us.


                  Co-create a Vision for Humanity. Let us know what a Vision for Humanity would mean to you


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