vision for Self - Key Shifts

Please consider there is really only one key shift necessary to begin to incrementally create a sensational life for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, resulting in Genuine Personal Increase.

A shift from unconscious, limiting and depleting creation (thoughts feelings and actions) d  = er , to conscious, positive and constructive creation (thoughts feelings and actions)    



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Full Equations:   A miracle is simply a shift in consciousness


d = er

d = (mc)r

e = mc

Glossary of terms:

Definition for the formula of decrease:

  = personal decrease, is an out come of continualy declining value or merit, slowly depleting over time what was originally there in ones life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as a result of ego consciousness forming unhealthy relationships of all manner.

= ego consciousness – is the limiting consciousness derived as a result of unaware mind (m) being applied to primary consciousness (C). Ego consciousness does not like being vulnerable in any way and is comforted by having control over others. This is who we mistakenly think we are.

= relationship, humans exist in relationship to each other and all others things. Consciousness is given form through all kinds of interactions (relationship). Unhealthy relationships are formed through ego consciousness. We all exist in relationship to ourselves, each other, society and the environment.

= unaware mind is undisciplined, harbours unchallenged beliefs, operates from learnt behaviour without context of understanding and predominantly developes a practical intelligence to function in the world that we are born into.

 = primary consciousness is reactive and naturally resorts to using the primitive tools of our human nature that we know so well; defensiveness, anger, blame, criticism and selfishness to operate by and to navigate the world.

*See full equation document for more detail of these terms.

I = ER

I = (AH)R

E = AH

Glossary of terms:

Definitions for the formula for increase

=  Genuine personal increase, is the incrementally appreciating value of what you are producing physcially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as a result of an elevated consciousness that is relating and creating in healthy ways concerning all areas of your life.

Here you have consciously choosen to adopt a natural desire for personal advancement and to experience your power to create a genuinely better life for yourself – which intrinsically results in every other person (& the planet) being better off than what they originally where.

 = Elevated consciousness, is a result of greater awareness (A) of; oneself, others, society and the envrironment which you choose to then subject to the higher conponent tools of your Human Spirit (H) love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity.

This your true North and potentai.

=  Healthy relationships, due to an elevated consciousness, you seek above all else healthy
realtionships in all areas of life concerning; oneself, others, society and the environment.

= Personal Awareness through being increasingly aware: personally, socially and environmentally we are able to direct new outcomes. We question and direct the thinking of the mind and the actions derived from learnt behaviour. We are aware of what the mind has learnt and what constructive and destructive potential this holds and we value the context of all information.

We are aware of own consciousness. Questioning and evaluating the thinking mind. Purposefully directing actions as opposed to automatically responding from learnt behaviour. The desire to obtain greater control of the mind is present.

 = Human spirit, human spirit essence uses high level tools (love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity) to form and shape all relationships. Tools that are harder to master at first but induce feelings and outcomes of contentment, happiness and joy.

*See full equation document for more detail of these terms.

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