The Concept of Increase

The concept of Increase

(Inspired by and quoted in part from the work of Wallace D Wattles)

“Nature is formed for the advancement of life; its impelling motive is the increase of life.”– Wallace D Wattles

Increase is the concept of a compounding benefit to all of life. The nature of life itself is to expand, creating more life. Life is the core energy of every living thing and it seeks to connect and expand.

The concept of increase echoes nature’s process and is bound by the certainty of her laws namely: purpose, expansion, efficiency and creativity.


Everything on earth is made from intelligent substance out of which all things (matter) proceed. This substance thinks. It is alive and it is compelled to create more life.

Our purpose is to imprint our thoughts upon this formless intelligence and create that which we desire through the established channels of natural growth and the industrial and social order of our time.

Everything exists in the first instance as a thought. Nothing has ever been created that wasn’t preceded by thought of some kind. As such, the quality of our thinking is reflected in the quality of that which we choose to create. Higher quality thoughts are tools that produce things which are beneficial to all, while lower quality thoughts motivated by feelings of greed, lack and fear are tools that  produce benefit (usually in the form of false power) for a few only.

Thought alone however is insufficient to guarantee a desired outcome. Achievement is thought coupled with a definite sense of purpose and intent to carry out efficient action. This causes a synchronicity of events in the material world which leads to the fulfilment of our desire and the creation of more ‘life’.


We are all creators. It is the natural and inherent impulse of life to seek to live more; it is the nature of intelligence to enlarge itself, and of consciousness to seek to extend its boundaries and find fuller expression.

Energy, and therefore the universe, is constantly expanding. Nature’s law is increasing life and it accommodates expansion through a constant cycle of regeneration and redistribution.

A seed dropped onto the ground springs into activity and in the act of living produces a hundred more seeds. Life, by living, multiplies itself.


In executing an action, energy is harnessed and yet conserved to its fullest extent. Science has proven that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but rather it is transformed from one form to another.

Nature does not waste time or energy on procrastination, nor does she doubt the outcome of her laws of operation. Every act, no matter how small, is meaningful and effective.

By adding the full power of intent to each action, the most successful outcome is gained through clarity and purpose. Each successful action opens the way to other such achievements because success builds upon success.

Creative co operation

“We are to become creators not competitors; achieving all that we want but in such a way that when we get it every other man will have more than he has now.”

Wallace D Wattles

For Genuine Increase it is vital that what you desire for yourself, you must desire for all. In any transaction it is important to give as well as to receive so that each exchange makes for more. What we do for other others we do for ourselves and what we do for ourselves we do for others. Always ask yourself,  ” In doing this am I considering others?”

For example, always ensure that the other person is receiving more ( even if only a simple smile or gesture of genuine appreciation) than the originally agreed value of any exchange. Adding value in this way will magnetise people and further opportunity towards you and create more from life for all.

Genuine Personal Increase (GPI)

Genuine Personal Increase occurs when an individual who has the intention to create a better life for themselves takes action in ways that cause everyone else to be better off than they originally were.

A simple act of kindness offers a wonderful example of genuine personal increase. In his book “The Power of Intention‘, Dr. Wayne Dyer writes about a study that measured  *Serotonin levels in people during an act of kindness. It was discovered that people who performed an act of kindness benefited from an increase in their Serotonin levels. Further more, the receiver of the act of  kindness also enjoyed an increase in their Serotonin levels. What was most incredible however, was that anyone witnessing the act of kindness also had an increase in their Serotonin levels. In each of these cases the performer, the receiver and the witness all had similar increases in this happy chemical.

* Serotonin is a hormone found in the brain that contributes to feelings of well being and happiness.

Another great example of GPI can be illustrated by the story of Nelson Mandela. As a prisoner on Robben Island, Nelson Mandela made a decision to preserve his dignity. He quietly but resolutely refused to partake, either willingly or by force, in any behaviour that was demeaning to him personally. Everyday, on the way to work in the quarry, the prison guards forced the prisoners to walk at a quick pace that was difficult for the prisoners who wore chains. Mandela made a decision to walk at his own pace; commanding the respect he felt befitted him. Each small, purposeful step that he took demanded the restoration of his dignity, as well as that of his fellow inmates, strengthening his personal power in a place where it had all but been taken away.

The effect was magnetic, other prisoners were similarly influenced and inspired to treat themselves and each other in a more respectful manner. Most importantly Nelson Mandela gave what he expected, treating the prison guards with the same dignity that he desired for himself; greatly influencing the culture of the prison environment in a positive way. As a result Nelson Mandela created something better for everyone in the prison.


Infinite (Global) Increase

Infinite increase is the sum of the energy of (personal) increase multiplied by the dynamics of group endeavour; the potential of which is limitless when applied to a global model.

The energy embodied in what is harmoniously created together is always greater, and more enduring, than the energy resulting from individual effort.

Example of Infinite Increase – Cells

The way that our body cells function can be thought of as a microcosm of what is at work in the entire Universe. Here the smallest forms of conscious life as we know it are working together, literally shoulder to shoulder, to form, maintain and rejuvenate your body. What a great job they do, all sharing a common purpose while knowing their individual roles.

In The Book of Secrets, Deepak Chopra commands us to “live like a cell” and uncover the mystery of life’s creative processes. Understanding the synergetic relationship between every cell reveals the hidden dimensions of life which compel us to grow, expand and create.

Chopra says that cells know that qualities such as selfishness, refusing to communicate, living like an outcast, overconsumption, obsessive activity and aggression do not support life and are therefore not an option. He describes the principles of how a cell lives as:



The primary activity of a cell is giving; this maintains the integrity of all other cells. Total commitment to giving makes receiving automatic –it is the other half of the natural cycle of true abundance. Hoarding is not an option.


Although every cell has a unique set of functions, these combine in creative ways to facilitate new life. Clinging to old patterns is not an option.

Higher purpose

Every cell agrees to work for the welfare of the whole; its individual welfare comes second. If necessary it will die to protect the body and often does –immune cells perish fighting off invading microbes.


Cells function with the smallest possible expenditure of energy. Typically, a cell stores only three seconds of food and oxygen inside its cell wall. It trusts totally in being provided for.


A cell keeps in touch with every other cell – withdrawal is not an option.


Cells have intelligent awareness and remain alert for the possible need to adapt to a change in environment.


Cells recognise each other as equally important. Every function in the body is interdependent. Going it alone is not an option.


Due to their common genetic inheritance , cells know that they are fundamentally all the same. The fact that liver cells are different from heart cells, and muscle cells are different from brain cells, does not negate their common identity, which is unchanging.


Cells obey the universal cycle of rest and activity. In the silence of inactivity  the future of the body is incubating. Being obsessively active or aggressive is not an option.


Cells reproduce in order to pass on their knowledge, experience, and talents, withholding nothing from their offspring.

This is living multiplication, an infinite form of increase; the blue print of the continuous expression of life itself.


Example of Infinite Increase – Honey bees.

Honey bees live according to the principles of combined effort producing increasing life for the hive. This combined ‘bee energy’ allows the hive to thrive and grow in a similar manner as described within our body cells. What a powerful driving force! The queen is essential to the life of the hive. When the egg production of the queen drops the worker bees make preparations to raise a new queen. Bees will swarm (leave their hive) to establish a new hive if the hive becomes over populated, running out of space for honey, or if they need to establish another hive to propagate the species.

Every bee works for the welfare of the whole; its individual welfare comes second. The primary activity of the bee is one of giving, this preserves the integrity of all other bees, for example, the worker bees are dedicated to taking care of the physical needs of the queen who is the centre of the life of the hive.

Due to their common genetic inheritance, bees know that they are fundamentally all the same. The fact that worker bees are different from drones and field bees are different from guard bees does not negate their common identity, which is unchanging. Worker bees, Drones, Field and Guard bees are all seen as equally important to sustaining the hive and protecting the Queen. Going it alone is not an option.

They function in highly connected, yet specialised, roles focussing on the task of caring for the queen and the young or making and storing food (honey) for the winter months when bees are unable to leave the hive. Bees obey the universal cycle of rest and activity. All throughout the warmer part of the year the hive works tirelessly to make food for when it ‘rests’ in the colder months.

We sometimes speak of an individual or group as having a ‘hive mentality’. The hive has the awareness of a communal mind through which it thinks, analyses and adapts as the environment requires. A bee knows the members of its hive by their unique ‘hive odour’. In this way an individual keeps in touch with the other bees in the hive and Guard bees are better able to detect intruders.

The work of bees not only sustains the life of a hive, but provides in a monumental way to sustain the life of the planet through their essential job of plant pollination. Not only do we receive the gift of honey, but bees also prosper the entire planet believed to pollinate approximately 1/3 of plants and crops vital to life (and our horticultural and agricultural industries).


Example of Infinite Increase – Gaia (the Planet)

Interlocking the roles of our cells, bees and all other species combined represents a global biological example of increase. The entire planet, which James Lovelock calls Gaia, is a process of Infinite Global Increase, whereby the entire biodiversity of the planet works together with all processes within the biosphere to create more and more biomass (life).


Example of Infinite IncreaseHuman endeavour

Landshare is a project in England based on co operative thinking and planning regarding  land usage and serves as an excellent example of an initiative which brings about ‘Increase’ for many. The aim of the project is to unite people who want to grow their own food, and don’t have the land to do it, with people who have land to spare. Landshare has grown into a community of 55,000 people since its inception in 2009. The community of Landshare offers its members the benefits of shared resources such as information and expertise, the experience of being part of a community and the chance to participate in group campaigning for more space to grow food.

Otherwise unused land is being made productive, people are re-connecting with nature and becoming more self sufficient through a co-operative network of like minded individuals and organisations. Not only are money and resources being conserved and leveraged, but healthy relationships and meaningful bonds are being formed while new generations of people are learning valuable agricultural and horticultural skills.

Some examples of those who are contributing land to the Landshare scheme are: football clubs, nursing homes, schools, companies providing staff plots, farmers and  individuals donating part of their private gardens.


Imagine the implications of the global adoption of practices and philosophies based around these examples of Increase.