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so we perceive ourselves as being the only biological form on earth that is aware of its own consciousness, what is this consciousness? Consciousness is the state of being able to use your senses and mental powers to understand what is happening (Oxford dictionary). Going by this definition even small insects are conscious.  Link to beetle in microcosmisms.

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Awareness of Consciousness: through our awareness of our own consciousness we are able to ponder much greater questions such as where did I come from, who am I, what am I doing here? We plan at great length and through our choices and heightened awareness comes an unavoidable responsibility concerning the future, our own happiness etc.

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The Subconscious, connected with feelings that influence your behaviour even though you are not aware of them (Oxford dictionary)

Many believe the subconscious mind to be primarily responsible for determining our responses and actions. Our deeply held beliefs are set in our subconscious.

Elevated consciousness concerning oneself

Knowing who you are beyond your physically and mentally created form. We realise we are not ‘the thinker’ (all of the thought process that goes on in our minds) but much more.

And we are not the deeply held beliefs of the subconscious that we have been programmed to believe. We are pure creative consciousness.

Being very aware and open to ourselves allows for clear introspection, where we are able to become familiar with our own particular ways.

One of the most concise ways of describing this level of consciousness is the quote from the bible:
“Be still and know that I am God.”

Elevated consciousness concerning others
With a developed sense of consciousness it is possible to understand and be aware of everything around you and not merely one’s own obvious needs and affairs. A heightened sense of consciousness means being extremely present, observant of all things within you and around you. Being able to have an intuitive feel for the well-being of people, animals and nature that you co-exist with.

“Nothing that happens in the future could be better than this moment.”
Eckhart Tolle

Global Consciousness or Collective Consciousness
Is the concept people refer to when speaking about a common mass awareness or understanding shared by people from all over the world, especially concerning a global problem or issue, resulting in a collective mindset about something? Global consciousness has a positive connotation.
Demonstrations by the Transcendental Mediation group in 1983 and 1993 has shown how large assemblies of people meditating can have a positive effect on society.

A $5 million sociological experiment in Washington DC in the summer of 1993 from June 7th until July 30th  recorded how 4000 people performed meditations twice a day with the purpose of reducing social stress and violent crime. This was analysed and documented by various US universities who recorded how HRA crime (homicide, rape and assault) suddenly reduced according to a time series analysis, and in particular fell by 18% in the last two weeks.  (Link to Transcendental Mediation site)

Through the recently established collective consciousness of global warming much effort is now underway to counter the effects of global warming, whether considered man made or nature made.

Elevated Global Consciousness
It is considered that when global consciousness is elevated, matters become better on earth, due to the awareness collectively gained by the human family towards issues and problems. An elevating global consciousness globally battles ignorance, injustice, poverty, disparity, violence and aggression. It focuses on the attributes of love and compassion, enables tolerance and forgiveness to forbear and the will
to act with integrity for oneself, others, and the planet which we are all a part of.

Vision For Humanity’s mission statement is:
“to be a catalysis to elevate global consciousness.”

Universal Consciousness /Intelligence
Like our bodies that perform numerous functions (which we are consciously unaware of) in order to maintain our physical and mental homeostasis, so too, does all of
nature operate in rhythm via a connected state to this intelligence, something we as modern day humans have lost our connection with.

Your body is so wise; all that intelligence is in your cells, genes, your DNA. We are consciously only responsible for making bodily decisions concerning eating, exercise, procreation, excretion, and a few other things such as wearing clothes to keep warm and cutting hair / nails for practicality. Yet there are millions of preset designated modes of operation within your DNA, chemical reactions happening in your body, internal regulations and individual living microorganisms within you that work symbiotically, to enable the super-organism that is physically you, to exist. This same intelligence, provides the same natural order to occur; throughout the Earth’s ecosystems, in synergy with the workings of our local solar system, and in concert with the functioning of the entire universe.  What we term in the Vision for Health as Universal Homeostasis.

This collective, uniform intelligence, greater than any human intelligence or knowledge, is a reality which we witness working every moment at multiple levels, from the (sub) atomic to the cosmological scale. This could be deemed a super-consciousness of some sort, whether explained by religion or science or both, or in any other way.

This consciousness or life-force runs through all things. Consider:

At our deepest level and identity we are pure consciousness, a consciousness manifesting life. A consciousness that is in all things. We are the consciousness that is life, and this consciousness (life-force or God) is living in you as life.

Perhaps nature can teach us more about who we are, and is more valuable in its authentic form, than merely what it can supply humanity by way of resources.

Our position in Middle World (link to Salvatore’s slide show)

As humans we are familiar with the physical forms around us via our senses, we visually observe three obvious dimensions that make up a sphere of life we call the biosphere. We sometimes have unusual experiences that seem to come from other dimensions that we have not encountered or are fully aware of. We have consciously and physically evolved in what Pro Richard Dawkins calls ‘Middle World’, a world where we are most attuned to perceiving the tangible physical forms and attributes that reside in this three dimensional space surrounding us, all of which is of a size and nature perceptible to our smell, sight, hearing, touch and sense. This is our direct experience of what we know of our world. We do not have an intuitive feel for the infinitesimally small atomic realm for instance, where if a nucleus were a football in the middle of a football field, its electrons would be circling the breath of the field. And we struggle to imagine the magnitude of the universe where if our local solar system were to represent the size of a full stop in one book in a library this would be its scale compared to the rest of the universe. Our perspective of ourselves, of all humanity, has been constantly shaped by this middle world experience. We interpret existence from this view of existence.

“…because we evolved in, what I call, ‘middle world’ where we never have to cope with either the very small or the cosmologically very large, we may never actually have an intuitive feel for what is going on in quantum mechanics but we can still test its predictions. We can still actually do the mathematics and do the physics to actually test the predictions.” Does he say actually twice in the original quote? Pro Richard Dawkins, referring to quantum mechanics

For example we cannot see bacteria with the naked eye, yet we gradually learned of bacteria through the development of medicine. The Andromeda galaxy was first sighted in 905AD, it is the largest and furthest object in the night sky visible to the human eye, yet from now knowing the speed of light we can begin to appreciate the scale and magnificence of the universe.

Other dimensions

There are many other physical and spiritual dimensions that we do not understand that we have been seeking answers to for centuries.

As humans we have no recallable experience with existence before our physical birth or life after death, although there are some accounts by a few individuals. There are many mysteries to life and we look to explain these mysteries through our religions and now more recently in human history through science. Scientific hypotheses beginning last century, have begun to offer other possibilities as to the being and functioning of the universe, where it is suggested that there are potentially 11 (eleven – check what the rule is?) dimensions. The deeper we go the more we are able to ask, such as; if a big bang occurred what was before to create the big bang and what created the laws of physics. There is much debate in present time as to whether our origins are religious or scientific or some combination of the two. The only matter we can be truly certain of is that there is much wonder and excitement to existence.


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As our ability to fathom greater matters increases so too comes the ability to open our consciousness and mentally exist in the context of a much bigger world  – than simply ‘our world’ or ‘middle world’ – where its beauty is enhanced by knowing what it means. (understanding it)

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