vision for Health - What You Can Do

Biofeelia lifestyle choices – for your health and the planet’s. Choices to create more health with less impact

Particularly good for you


  • Eat organic produce
  • Limit processed or canned foods, cereals, snacks, soft drinks etc.
  • Have a balanced whole foods diet with a vegetable base. Eat like an Okinawan, the elders (representing the true Okinawan lifestyle) live up to 120 years of age and eat mostly vegetables as a base to their diet followed by fruits, grains, nuts, tofu, fish, chicken and have very little meat, sweets and alcohol.
  • Eat a little less than you think you need – studies reveal ‘calorie reduction’ has been shown to extend lifespan.


  • Experience some ‘Biophilia’ (well-being through our connection with nature) each day through a walk in the outdoors or any sport or activity involving nature (surfing, tramping, fishing, gardening).
  • Be still in nature, sit on a beach, or mountain top and simply enjoy.
  • Get a little sun each day- a dose of Vitamin D helps tremendously to improve mind and body.
  • Create a ‘Positive Transmission’ each day – do or say something particularly encouraging or nice to/ for another.
  • Harbour positive emotions- monitor your thoughts, dwell on the positive and release the negative.
  • Incorporate positive visualisation and affirmations into your daily life- uplifting sayings and thoughts that you can use to empower yourself.
  • Make sure to spend time with the people you love and value in your life -build a bank of fond memories.
  • Choose to laugh, share a joke, watch a comedy and in general, see the funny side of life.
  • Ask yourself each night what 3 things made you feel good that day and why.


  • Get involved in a longevity sport or a practise that incorporates stretching such as Yoga or the Martial Arts – being flexible keeps you participating in life.
  • Participate in life – make an effort to play with the kids, be active with the house work, take the stairs, take up a sports challenge. By participating you say “Yes!” to life and maintain your youth and vitality.


Particularly helpful for the planet

Food choices 

  • Grow food from home if you have a garden (refer to vertical farming for smaller areas).
  • Compost at home if possible and create a worm farm for food waste.
  • Cut back on meat consumption and eat more plant based proteins: tofu, brown rice, quinoa, chick peas, lentils.
  • Only purchase species of fish known as being from certified and sustainable fish stocks (add info here).
  • Buy in season fruit and vegetables.
  • Buy organic produce.
  • Buy low water, high yield food crops.
  • Be GE free.

Your home & work place

  • When building, eco-design your house/building
  • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use
  • Install energy efficient light bulbs
  • Buy high efficiency appliances
  • Get thermal backed curtains for extra insulation
  • Install a convection heating system, or secondly use heat pumps before other heating methods
  • Wire your house/office with a ‘kill switch’ (switch which turns everything off except necessities e.g. alarm, upon leaving) install by front door.
  • Create a green roof (water catchment and solar panels) or a  roof garden to bring flora & fauna into the city.
  • Install water catchment and invest in a water filter to utilise for drinking if necessary.
  • Install solar heating (heats water) and photovoltaic’s (generates electricity from sun)
  • Find a renewable energy company for the extra electricity you may need.
  • Plant trees where possible.
  • Think twice about watering the garden and water in the evening for less evaporation (plants that have to fight for water drive their roots deep)
  • Use mild eco friendly detergents for all washing to protect our water ways.
  • Shower instead of bathing and install an efficient shower head.
  • Have low flush toilets
  • Line dry washing
  • Recycle well.

Getting around

  • Walk
  • Get a bicycle
  • Live closer to work
  • Take public transport such as buses or trains
  • Car pool
  • Buy a Hybrid vehicle or a low CC vehicle (many now are very safe for their size)
  • Tune your vehicle and drive more smoothly.
  • Fit eco tires to your car
  • Reduce air travel; holiday locally, or for overseas holidays, holiday for longer periods but less often.


  • Think twice about any purchase (look in the garage and cardboards first for perspective)
  • Buy Biospherically Correct products – see Vision Products
  • Choose products with minimal packaging
  • Buy locally made products where possible.
  • Buy natural, organic wild harvested skin and hair care.
  • Buy high yield, low water use natural fibre apparel- such as bamboo based apparel
  • Buy clothes that you feel will last for many years- style and colour wise
  • Donate unwanted clothes to others, or the community collections.
  • Use a reusable bag for shopping


  • Personal – RRR (reduce, reuse and recycle)
  • Use both sides of any paper for writing, photocopying etc.
  • Read the news electronically.
  • Make sure all E waste (computers, T.V.’s, devises etc) goes to a local recycler