vision for Health - Key Shifts

Global Food

To a focus of high yield plant based organic crops for foods and fibres.
Taking pressure off our soils and seas, substituting low yield meat produce and heavy water use crops, eliminating run off, pesticides and fertilizers.

To serious marine preservation and management principles
Investing in the long-term potential of the oceans as our key future food resource.

To a more personal health generating (and a globally economic) based diet, such as the model of the Okinawan diet/lifestyle
The awareness, promotion and infrastructure to introduce and develop this type of high yield and low impact food culture globally.


Global Infrastructure

To abiding by the natural services of the planet – reconstructing built form and infrastructure accordingly.
Catering to migration routes, the planets hydrological system and the bio-integration of all materials.


Local Focus

To a more self sufficient and localised food supply focused on organics and wild harvest.
Maintaining your own vegetable garden, supporting farmers markets and eating local seasonal produce.



Human integration with nature
Bringing respect for nature back into everything we do for our joy and sustenance.

To a greater reliance of well-being derived from our food and environment.
Slowly reversing bioaccumulation and dependency on prescription drugs.

To valuing up- lifting, positive experiences in all daily interactions.

Helping others, sharing a joke / a meal, hospitality, fun.

To rudimentary physical / active lifestyles
Incorporating biking, walking, physical work, outdoor pursuits and play in all we do in life.



To fully integrated health care encompassing Western, Eastern, modern, alternative and preventative methods. Incorporating a ‘bio-logical’ (life logical)  approach i.e. the most logical approach to permanently restore the person to full health.