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“See how a powerful shift in global thinking, has the potential to create a tipping point, leading to the forming of A Successful Planet, which you will be a part of!”

Warning: serious feel good factor involved. By participating you will be partly responsible for positively changing the world!

You make the difference!


As a VFH Global Citizen you will play an active role in creating more peace, prosperity and joy in the world. Incredibly, by aspiring to commit to a sense of optimism and a willingness to be non judgmental of yourself and others You have the power to help positively affect the lives of 90,000 people. You will be helping to elevate global consciousness!

How is this possible?

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It is known that our thoughts create our reality. The research of Dr. David Hawkins shows that higher quality thoughts create more positive levels of energy and, more astonishingly, that high energy people counter balance the negative effect of low energy people, positively contributing to the collective consciousness of the planet! Be responsible for helping establish two tipping point milestones

Counter balance

Balancing stones

We calculate from Hawkins’ research that it only takes approximately 78,000 people who are willing to be optimistic and less judgmental to counter balance the global effects of negative consciousness. Thereafter, any extra number of people would effectively be elevating global consciousness.

To effect change in society, tipping points of 10% have been researched and are known to change the opinion and direction of society.

According to the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC), the tipping point is where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion, occurring when just 10 percent of the population adopts an unshakable belief, at which point such belief will always be adopted by the majority of society.

First tipping point milestone

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Help us establish 85,800 VFH Global Citizens by supporting this campaign and its message to go viral.

We propose using a ‘consciousness tipping point’ of 10% beyond counter balance to create a catalyst which will set in motion a continual elevation of global consciousness.

Going by Dr Hawkins’ 90,000 to 1 leverage, approximately 78,000 positively focused people are needed to counter balance negative consciousness on the planet. Therefore, another 7,800 people (10% more people) contributing to this process would equate to 85,800 positively focused people; effectively creating a 10% elevation of global consciousness beyond counter balance.

The proposal being that this greater amount of positive global consciousness would then set in motion movement to a second traditional tipping point, where 10% of the global population (700,000,000 + people) actually believe that a successful planet is possible.

Second tipping point milestone

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Help us achieve 720,800,000 VFH Global Citizens.

Be a part of a socially manifested tipping point that will lead to ‘A Successful Planet’.

When 10% of the global population believe a successful planet is possible, a second tipping point will be created from which the world will begin its social / structural shift, evident through increasing peace, prosperity and joy.

Join the VFH global community and add your membership to the registration counter on the VFH Global Citizen’s barometer.

Become a VFH Global Citizen

The world is in your hands

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What you can do once you sign up as a VFH Global Citizen

Develop greater levels of awareness and increasingly higher levels of positive energy by engaging your highest level tools of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity. In this way, You can live daily to counter balance the effects of negative thinking and destructive action.

– Use our universal equation as a powerful means to accelerate the creation of positive consciousness and ubiquitous healthy relationships. Be a dynamic and creative part of “A Successful Planet.”

– Empower yourself as a VFH Global Citizen by regularly referring to the VFH site, particularly ‘What You Can Do’ of each Vision.

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Vision for Humanity Initiative

1st tipping point – 85,800 people willing to help elevate global consciousness by becoming a VFH Global Citizen.

2nd tipping point – 720,800,000 VFH Global Citizens who unshakably believe ‘A Successful Planet’ is possible.