Kim Larking – founder

My story

I believe it’s important to share with you the story of what inspired me to become the founder of Vision for Humanity and Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trusts.

All my life from the age of sixteen I have travelled the world, first as a back packer and later as a part of the fashion industry. As a result I have experienced a diverse range of cultures, attitudes, ideologies, values and beliefs within many socio economic situations. From personally experiencing two weeks of starvation and seeing packs of begging, limbless children with tin cans wired around their necks scouring the outer streets of Bombay on their stumps, to being back stage marvelling at the icons of glamour of Parisian Haute Couture. Life is extreme and like most everyone, I have experienced difficult challenges along with great reward.

What saddens me is that there are people on this earth who have to cope with poverty and disease everyday and have no opportunity to explore and to grow, let alone make a mistake. A lot of us will never understand what it really feels like to have no options. Equally there are people that should, by social premise, emanate happiness throughout their lives, yet don’t seem to be satisfied at all. Why is this the world we live in?

Ten years ago I was on the brink of realising my dream of opening Clyne Models New York. After years of planning, I was about to set off from my New York apartment to officially see my first four clients. Unfortunately, that morning turned out to be September 11th 2001.

 I remember standing there, half way to the door, watching CNN while holding bags full of model’s portfolios. I was spell-bound by the unfolding events and what this would mean. I quickly realised that my dream would go no further that day as I witnessed the whole city contract upon itself and close down….more significantly all around the world people were catapulted into confronting their greatest fears and the fragility of life. But most of all it was the sense of all us being in this together that left its mark on me.

Needless to say I didn’t open my New York agency. Little did I know that this event would cement a change of direction in my life that had been seeded in a personal epiphany just one month earlier.

Lying awake at 3am one morning I was questioning my life and my achievements. I began projecting my goals out over the years to come until I eventually arrived at my life’s end. I asked myself, ‘Are you happy with what you have achieved?’ the answer was “No!” I realised that it was all about ‘me.’ In astonishment I thought ‘Well what would be meaningful?’ and the answer was to contribute by helping others and leave this world having done something constructive. At that point I realised that the greatest thing we can do as human beings is to help others in need, and that this is also the greatest thing that we can do for ourselves. 

Today I am no longer a model agent but the founder of Vision for Humanity and Vision for Humanity Products charitable trusts which are dedicated to helping create A Successful Planet. By helping empower people to be more conscious in all they do, and thereby popularising the concept of elevating global consciousness, a sense of global family might be achieved where everyone’s needs are met.

In appreciating that our happiness is directly related to the quality of our interactions concerning all of our relationships and that fulfilment is equally related to the integrity of our endeavour, we can create genuinely better lives for ourselves while benefiting others.

I believe that we can ‘live in the moment of creation’, which is an understanding that every second of our lives we have the potential to incrementally create more well-being through all that we choose to think, say and do.

It starts with us – the time has come where we can collectively confront the problems that hinder the healthy existence that every being on this planet is entitled to. We as individuals seek to be successful in our careers, personal relationships and encourage the success of our communities. But what could be more important to ourselves and our children than a successful planet?

Live in the moment of creation and exercise your power to make a difference in the world by creating consciously.

Kim Larking