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Vision for Humanity

is a charitable trust that helps empower people to be more conscious in all thought, word and action. We believe in an authentic shift in global thinking to co-operatively advance all of our social constructs to create “A Successful Planet.”

You are a part of our vision
what most uniquely defines humanity is our incredible ability to create; we are all creators. Vision for Humanity believes that YOU are a creator.

We believe you can
feel empowered in a rapidly changing world and,

We invite you
as a constructive co-creator, to be a dynamic part of a Global Family that thinks and plans together into the future as one.

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Our Mission
“To be a catalyst to elevate global consciousness.”

Our Vision
“A successful planet where the attributes of love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance and integrity form the basis of every human interaction and endeavour.”

Our Universal Key

Experience the magnitude of this universal equation to consciously create our world, discover it’s significance here and capture the power of  I = ER in your life to accumulate an abundance of love, wealth, health and happiness. Join Vision for Humanity and be a part of a powerful shift in global thinking.

Vision for Humanity acts in providing: information to raise awareness, inspiration through its Visions, and Initiatives to put these Visions into constructive practice.